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An Announcement From Nine

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Nine CF
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Hey all you Wise Gamers! I will make this short but sweet.

When founding WiseGamer with Stealth, Jay, and Freaky, we had a vision of a community wherein members could share their gaming experiences with others through many forms of media; Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and written pieces. We set out to give our members a home, friendships, and experiences which would last a lifetime. From the creation of the community til now there have been many ups-and-downs; yet, we have laid the foundation for the future of the community.

But now is the time for the big announcement

I believe the time has come for me to step down as a Community Leader and take more of an advisory role within the community effective immediately. I unfortunately no longer have the time that I feel is necessary to perform my duties as a Community Leader and respect all of you (except Cation....jk <3) too much to continue. It has been a great journey with all of you; one which I look forward to continuing as I will still be around. I leave the management in the capable hands of Stealthy, JayJay and FreakyMon.

Thanks for reading everyone! Please feel free to @mention me on Discord if you ever want to game!

This is Nine, signing off...
Posted Jul 19, 18 · OP
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We will def play on discord man. Thank you for your countless years of leadership, friendship and dedication to United Gamerz (RIP) and WiseGamer.

P.S. get PUBG lol

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Except for bears... bears will kill you.
Posted Jul 24, 18
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