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JayRad CL Always a good time for sure! I understand the hype of this game now xD

Hey gamers!

Now that Platoons are officially launched by Dice in Battlefield 1, we wanted to let you know that we have now created ours, and it is open for all to join!  Just go to the Platoons tab (in-game of BF1, left hand side under the game icon) and search for our platoon's name: WiseGamer -- then just join the platoon!  It's that simple!

With Platoons -- you are able to join fellow members in-game in their squads, and you can also easily join our official WiseGamer 64slot Conquest Server which is also online!  We've had a BF1 server in the past and we took it down because Dice has made private run servers extremely hard to compete with their official Dice servers -- i.e. finding private servers is very difficult because they are outnumbered by official Dice servers by a factor of 40-1, if not higher.  They likely did this puposely to force you to play on Dice servers, therefore making you forget the worth, value and fun of playing on private servers -- eventually allowing Dice to just get rid of private servers altogether and have matchmaking do the work.  For this reason, we took our BF1 servers offline because we could never get them populated.  

However, that being said, we are trying again.  We've purchased a 64slot BF1 server and will run it for a month and see where it goes.  We really want to be able to host a server in BF1, but we just need to make sure it is feasible and "used", not sitting empty.

To find WiseGamer's 64slot server, join our Platoon and you should be able to view the Platoon's servers -- or add me on Origin and we can certainly jump on it and play! 

My Origin username: xxxxSTEALTHxxx

Perks of joining WiseGamer's Platoon:

  • Our official clan tag is automatically placed in front of your name ex.  [WISE] xxxxSTEALTHxxx
  • Opportunity to join fellow Platoon members in-game and participate in squad-like teamplay
  • Opportunity to make new friends
  • Play with fellow gamers on WiseGamer's official 64slot Conquest Server
  • Opportunity for in-clan leadership advancement (i.e. in-game moderator, admin, etc)
  • Opportunity for competitive matches with fellow gamers and other clans

So what are you waiting for??  Find WiseGamer's Platoon on Battlefield 1 and join right away!  

Questions/Comments/Concerns?  Comment below!


Just as an FYI for everyone -- our website has the ability to feature a rotating gallery of images.  Its currently on the main forum page, as well as a few other pages. 

If you have any awesome in-game screenshots that you would like to share with everyone, upload them to the WiseGamer Gallery and your screenshots will be rotated into our slideshow located on our site!

Rules for screenshot submission:

  • Image/screenshot must be from a game, preferrably one of your own screenshots.
  • Image/screenshot cannot display any type of nudity, racist or inflammatory remark or anything that would be deemed inappropriate.
  • Non-game images are not permitted. (you can share wallpapers on the forum, not on the gallery)
  • By uploading an image/screenshot to the Gallery, you understand that WiseGamer reserves the right to remove your screenshots if they do not meet the above guidelines.  (Guidelines subject to change without notice)

Go to the link below and click on the Gallery, then click on 'Upload Images' to upload your own great screenshots! (Alternatively, you can go to the 'Community' tab at the top of our website menu, and click on 'Gallery' from there)